LeBron James Dad – Anthony McClelland? Roland Bivins?

In the following video, LeBron James explains that he has forgiven his dad for not being in his life:

Who is LeBron James’ dad? LeBron James Jr. is rising to fame fast and it’s important for LeBron to be in his son’s life because the NBA star grew up without an active father.  LeBron recently posted the following video of LeBron Jr. at the John Lucas Tournament in Houston:

We all know LeBron’s mother is Gloria James but who is his father? Some say his father is Anthony McClelland while others believe it’s Roland Bivins.  In 2010, Leicester Bryce Stovell sued LeBron and Gloria James for $4 million.  He claimed that he was LeBron’s biological father.  Nate Thurmond is another man who people belive could be LeBron’s father.

LeBron James Dad Anthony McClelland Roland Bivins
LeBron James Dad Anthony McClelland Roland Bivins

Anthony McClelland

Is Anthony McClelland LeBron’s biological father? Yes and LeBron knows it but he wants nothing to do with his McClelland.  James was motivated by his father’s absence and it made him build a stronger bond with his mother.

Anthony McClelland LeBron James Dad
Anthony McClelland LeBron James Dad

When LeBron was younger, his father was in and out of jail for theft and arson.  Him and Gloria were never in a relationship and he abandoned her after finding out that she was pregnant.

There is hope for a future relationship between LeBron and his father.  LeBron is very close to rapper, Jay-Z and respects his advice.

Jay-Z’s father wasn’t in his life yet Jay-Z forgave his father before he passed away.  The rapper explains that the process was therapeutic.  Jay-Z could tell LeBron to reach out to Anthony for closure.

Roland Bivins

Is Roland Bivins LeBron’s biological father? No but there’s a conspiracy that claims Roland is LeBron’s father.  The following pic proves that Roland looks similar to LeBron:

Roland Bivins
Roland Bivins

Roland attended high school with Gloria James.  Like Anthony McClelland, Roland was charged with arson and theft.  Gloria’s high school friends reveal that she dated Roland.  LeBron was born in 1984 and sadly, Roland died in a drive-by shooting in 1994.

Leicester Bryce Stovell

In 2010, lawyer, Leicester Bryce Stovell sued LeBron and Gloria claiming that he was LeBron’s biological father.

A DNA test proved that Stovell was not James’ biological father.  Check out his lawsuit:

Was Gloria James Raped?

In an episode of LeBron James’ series, Survivor’s Remorse, we find out that LeBron’s mother, Gloria James, may have been raped.  The series is loosely based on LeBron’s life.  Cam Calloway, the character who loosely portrays James, has a sister named M-Chuck.  In reality, LeBron does not have a sister.

M-Chuck wants to know who her father is and her mother, Cassie (Tichina Arnold) refuses to tell her.  M-Chuck and Cam refuse to drop their search and eventually Cassie reveals that she was raped and doesn’t know the identity of M-Chuck’s father.

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