Jessica Andrea – Age, Instagram Net Worth (Logic Wife)

Jessica Andrea’s Instagram name is @itsjessandrea.  She was born on May 1, 1992 and is currently 25-years-old.  Scroll down to see some of her most popular pics.

Logic’s Instagram name is @logic.  He was born on January 22, 1990 and is currently 28-years-old.

Jessica Andrea Net Worth As Of 2018: $3 Million

Like Logic, Jessica is an entertainer.  They’ve been heard on multiple tracks together.  Jessica recently released her popular single “Medicine” which currently has more than 500K YouTube views:

Logic And Jessica Andrea Divorce

The adorable couple is getting a divorce.  Hip Hop DX reports that Logic and Jessica were recently spotted together at the 60th Grammy Awards and they’ve only been married for two years.

HotNewHipHop explains that the news is a surprise because Logic was recently heard rapping about his wedding on his single “Overnight.”

Jessica Andrea Logic
Jessica Andrea Logic

The couple most likely got too busy for each other.  Logic’s career blew up overnight.  He’s currently one of the hottest rapper’s on the planet.

Logic released his first mixtape Logic: The Mixtape in 2009 under the name Psychological.  The rapper, whose real name is Robert Bryson Hall II is an Aquarius and Jessica is a Taurus.

Aquarius are known for being intelligent, independent and they’re great communicators.  These are characteristics that have definitely been seen in Logic.  Taurus traits include ambition, reliability and patience.  Logic better do any and everything to get Jessica back because she’s gorgeous:

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