Is 6IX9INE Gay?

Rapper 6IX9INE is not gay.  The rapper, who also goes by Tekashi69 or Tekashi, has rainbow colored hair leading many to believe that he’s gay.  Rapper The Game has made several insults about 6IX9INE that have also led people to believe that he’s gay.

Is 6IX9INE Gay?
Is 6IX9INE Gay?

People Think I’m Gay I Think I’m Cool

In the Instagram post above, 6IX9INE explains that people think he’s gay but he thinks he’s cool.  He publicly acknowledges the gay rumors but can’t be bothered to correct them.  Young Thug took a similar approach when he responded to rumors that he was gay:

6IX9INE Has A Daughter

6IX9INE has a daughter from a previous relationship.  The rapper tries to keep information about his personal life private so not much is known about the mother of his daughter.  Many of Tekashi’s haters claim that having a child doesn’t prove that he’s not gay.  There are some people who simply can’t be convinced.

I’m The Most Hated Because I’m The Hottest Rapper In New York City

The video at the end of this article shows Tekashi’s interview with The Breakfast Club.  During the interview, he explains that he receives so much hate because he’s the hottest rapper in the city.  You know you’re doing something right when people are hating on you and 6IX9INE is one of the most hated rappers in the game.

The Game Implies That 6IX9INE Is Gay
The Game 6IX9INE Instagram
The Game 6IX9INE Instagram

In the Instagram post above, The Game implies that 6IX9INE is gay.  The Game and 6IX9INE are currently beefing with each other because Game thinks 6IX9INE is a fake Blood.  They’ve made up several lies about each other including Game’s claim that 6IX9INE is gay.

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