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How old is Quad Webb-Lunceford? She is 38-years-old.  The Married To Medicine star was born on May 13, 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is married to psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford.  The Bravo reality personalities are #RelationshipGoals! We recently witnessed how much Dr. Lunceford loves Quad.  The psychiatrist delivered a heartfelt testimonial about their relationship at her 36th birthday celebration.

Quad Webb-Lunceford Net Worth

The reality star, who was born Quadriyyah Webb, has an estimated net worth of $600,000.  The “Black Barbie” is back and badder than ever! She previously worked as a medical sales representative.  The reality star chose the right man to marry! Dr. Lunceford is worth $1.2 million.  Despite their wealth, Quad continues to work hard.  The fashion icon recently founded the puppy couture brand, “Picture Perfect Pup.”

Quad Married To Medicine
Quad Married To Medicine

Quad Webb-Lunceford Criminal Record

We all have skeletons in our closet and Quad’s no exception.  The “Black Barbie” has a criminal record.  In 2011, she was arrested for aggravated assault.  She explained that she was the aggressor in a domestic dispute.  Quad’s bail was $10,000.  She spent three days behind bars.

Quad Married To Medicine
Quad Married To Medicine

Dr. Lunceford was also arrested as a result of the incident.  His bail was set to $5,000.  We’re glad the couple got through their difficult times.  They continue to strengthen their bond.  Last year, we saw Dr. Lunceford and Quad discuss how important it is to protect their reputations.  A respected psychiatrist could experience major difficulties with a criminal record.

Quad Married To Medicine
Quad Married To Medicine

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