How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have? 2018

In Fetty Wap’s appearance on Love and Hip Hop New York, Alexis Skyy calls him out for being a deadbeat.  I was surprised by Alexis’ allegations because Fetty typically acknowledges his children.

Fetty Wap has 7 kids.  His ex-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona shared the following pics of their newborn son:

This is Lezhae and Fetty’s second child together.  Scroll down to see a pic of their daughter, Zaviera.

Alayia Grace

In January of 2018, Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy welcomed a premature baby girl named Alayia.  In the last few months her health has improved.  Alexis posted the following pic of her daughter’s adorable little finger:

The video below shows that rapper during an interview with Streetz 94.5, Atlanta’s number 1 station in the streetz.  Fetty is asked if he knows the gender of the baby he’s expecting and the rapper reveals that him and Alexis Sky are expecting twins, a boy and a girl!

In episode 1 of Love and Hip Hop New York‘s ninth season, we see Alexis Skyy call Fetty Wap out for denying their daughter.  Alexis recently shared the following pic of her baby girl:

Fetty Wap has 3 kids and Alexis Skyy is currently pregnant with his fourth and fifth.  Fetty and Alexis were previously in a relationship but then Fetty got Masika Kalysha pregnant.  That’s what started the beef between Alexis and Masika.  Alexis has wanted to talk to her about the incident for a long time but Masika has been avoiding her.

In the Instagram post below, Masika ruins Alexis’ upcoming surprise:

Masika Kalysha Instagram Post
Masika Kalysha Instagram Post

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
‘s fourth episode of season 3 featured rapper, Willie Maxiell II aka Fetty Wap.  The 25-year-old had three children when he appeared on the series.  His oldest child is his son, Aydin Maxwell who is currently 5.  Aydin’s mother is the rapper’s former girlfriend, Reese.  The two are still good friends and she has shared numerous pictures on Instagram showing Fetty Wap spending quality time with his son.

Aydin Maxwell

The rapper’s hit song “Trap Queen” was actually written for Reese.  The picture below shows their son, Aydin Maxwell:

How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?
How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?

Zaviera Maxwell

The rapper’s second child was a beautiful baby girl.  Reese is not his daughter’s mother.  The New Jersey native had a brief relationship with Lezhae Zeona from Compton, California.  Unlike his relationship with Reese, him and Lezhae do not get along.  Here’s a pic of Fetty Wap’s daughter, Zaviera Maxwell:

How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?
How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?

Khari Barbie Maxwell

The rapper made an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth episode of its third season, “Mama Beef.”  He did so because his most recent baby mama, Masika Kalysha, is a member of the show’s main cast.  The following image shows the rapper and Masika welcoming their daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell:

How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?
How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?

The following video shows the rapper having a conversation with Masika.  He initially claimed that the baby was not his but he recently had a change of heart:

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