Eric Musselman Wife – Danyelle Sargent, Kids

Nevada basketball coach Eric Musselman dropped F-bombs on live television.  His wife, Danyelle Sargent used to work for ESPN and she accidentally dropped some F-bombs on television during a segment that aired on March 12, 2006.

Nevada rallied back after being down 14 points.  TBS may not want to show any additional live footage of post-game celebrations.

Eric Musselman Wife Danyelle Sargent
Eric Musselman Wife Danyelle Sargent

Danyelle Sargent Drops F-Bombs

In the video below, Sargent is confused because of technical difficulties during a live ESPN broadcast.  She thought her microphone was off and asks, “What the f*** was that?”

Danyelle Sargent was born on May 7, 1978.  She graduated from Florida State University and in 2004 she started working for ESPN.

In 2006, ESPN decided not to renew Sargent’s two-year contract.  In November of 2006, Danyelle started working for Fox Sports.

Eric Musselman Kids

Eric and Danyelle got married in 2009.  In 2010, they welcomed their daughter, Mariah.  In the Instagram post below, Danyelle explains that time flies when you’re having fun.

Nevada Defeats Texas In Overtime

Eric Musselman was super excited after Nevada’s 87-83 victory against Texas.  The Longhorns played great.  Kerwin Roach II and Matt Coleman were difficult to deal with but the Wolf Pack pulled it off.

You gotta love Eric’s shirtless celebrations:

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