Elaine Herzberg Facebook Tempe, AZ – Uber Self Driving Car Kills Pedestrian

Elaine Herzberg is the 49-year-old pedestrian who was killed by a self-driving Uber taxi.  The incident occurred in Tempe, Arizona.  Herzberg was hit by a self-driving Volvo SUV as she attempted to walk her bike across the street.

Elaine Herzberg
Elaine Herzberg

Elaine Herzberg Facebook Updates

Elaine Herzberg has multiple Facebook profiles.  In the About section of the profile she updated most recently, Herzberg reveals that she was separated and lived in Mesa, Arizona.  She’s originally from Apache, Arizona and attended Apache Junction High School.

On March 14, 2015, Elaine shared the following pic on Facebook:

On July 22, 2015, Herzberg shared the following pic via Facebook:

Elaine Herzberg Is The First Person Killed By Self-Driving Car

Herzberg is the first person to be killed by a self-driving car.  Last year, a self-driving vehicle in Tempe, Arizona was involved in an accident yet there were no serious injuries.

Engadget reports that Uber has stopped all of its self-driving car tests in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Phoenix.  It will be interesting to see if companies like Amazon and Google continue their plans to introduce self-driving cars.

Police Chief Says That Uber Is Likely Not Responsible

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Tempe, Arizona police chief, Slyvia Moir doesn’t believe that Uber was at fault.  Videos have been reviewed and Moir explains that it would have been difficult for a human to avoid the accident because Elaine came from the shadows right into the street.

A Driver Was In The Car

The police chief explains that courts would have a difficult time trying to hold a self-driving car responsible for an accident.  While this is true, there was an operator in the Uber vehicle at the time of the accident.  The car was in autonomous mode but the operator could have taken control of the car.  The vehicle was driving 38 in a 35 mph zone and made no attempt to brake.

Elaine Herzberg Was Homeless

Police Sgt. Ronald Elcock explains that Herzberg may have been homeless.  The Verge reports that she was transported to the hospital where she later passed away.  Media outlets are being scrutinized for including that Elaine may have been homeless:

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