Carla Vallejos Blanco – Helicopter Crash Kills All Passengers

Carla Vallejos Blanco is one of the victims who passed away in the helicopter crash which occurred in New York City.  Moments before the crash, Trevor Cadigan posted a video on Instagram which featured himself and the other victims of the horrific incident.

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Carla Vallejos Blanco Was Visiting From Argentina

According to multiple media outlets, Blanco was visiting a friend in New York City.  She’s originally from Argentina and studied Advertising at River Plate Basin University (Universidad de la Cuenca del Plata – UCP) in Corrientes, Argentina.

Carla was 28-years-old and grew up in Corrientes.  She travelled to New York with a friend who wasn’t on the helicopter.  Carla and her friend planned to meet each other after the chopper tour.  When Blanco didn’t show up, her friend contact the Argentine Consulate.

This incident reminds us that life is short and every moment matters.  Tomorrow may never come therefore you must enjoy life today!

A Passenger’s Harness Strap Shut Off The Helicopter’s Engine

The helicopter’s pilot told police that a strap from a passenger’s harness accidentally shut off the helicopter’s engine.  All 5 passengers died and the pilot was the only survivor.

The victims include Carla, 28; Daniel Thompson, 34; Brian McDnaiel, 26; Tristan Hill, 29; and Trevor Cadigan, 26.

A Go Fund Me fundraiser was created for Trevor Cadigan:

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