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BK Brasco Net Worth Sierra Gates Boyfriend – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

BK Brasco will appear on season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  As his name suggests, he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  When he was younger his mom would force him to go to church and initially, he didn’t like it.

BK Brasco eventually fell in love with the music at church and started writing poetry.  The Brooklyn rapper now has a record deal with one of the most successful labels on the planet: Interscope.

BK Brasco Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
BK Brasco Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

BK Brasco Net Worth: $1 Million

BK Brasco’s $1 million net worth was earned through his years as a rapper.  He initially moved to Atlanta in 2003 as a part of a group called Brooklyn.  Sadly, the group’s founder, Shakir Stuart passed away.

The group landed a deal with Arista thanks to L.A. Reid.  A few months later, Reid was released from his contract with Arista so the group’s deal fell through.  BK was disappointed so he went to the studio and recorded some tracks by himself.  The tracks changed BK Brasco’s life forever.

BK Brasco’s Music Impressed Jay-Z And Jimmy Iovine

Jay-Z BK Brasco
Jay-Z BK Brasco

BK Brasco recorded 7 songs as a solo artist after his group’s record deal with Arista fell through.  He worked with one of Jay-Z’s producers, Major Seven who the songs to Jay’s longtime friend Tyran “Ty Ty” (aka “Ta Ta”) Smith and Jay Brown, the president of Roc Nation.

Ty Ty and Jay Brown were impressed and told Jay-Z about BK Brasco.  A few weeks later, Ty Ty was at the 40/40 Club with Jay and he called BK and told him to pull up.  BK came through and got to meet Jay-Z.

Jay-Z isn’t the only music mogul BK Brasco impressed.  Jimmy Iovine also loved BK’s music, earning BK a record contract with Interscope.

BK Brasco And Sierra Gates

In season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we’ll see BK Brasco in a relationship with Sierra Gates.  In season 6 of the series we watched Sierra’s husband, Shooter Gates cheat on her with Moriah, one of her employees.  Sierra is showing Shooter that what goes around comes around.  I hope she’s not taking her relationship with BK too seriously because he’s a player.

BK Brasco Kids

In the following Instagram post, BK prays to be a better father.  He’s been working hard on his rap career so hasn’t been able to spend much time with his children.

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