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WUSA 9 reports that Jaelynn Wiley’s parents are taking her off life support.  Her mother is seen in the video below carrying her youngest child.  Jaelynn is one of 9 siblings.

Jaelynn Wiley Is Brain Dead

The video shows Jaelynn’s friends in a state of shock.  Her mother explains that her daughter was shot in the head and is brain dead.  The 14-year-old who was also shot, has been released from the hospital.  Pray for Jaelynn Wiley’s family.

Austin Wyatt Rollins is the 17-year-old who shot 2 students at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Jaelynn Wiley was the 16-year-old female student Rollins shot.  A 14-year-old male student was also shot.  Deadline reports that the shooting occurred 4 days before the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C.

Jaelynn Wiley Was In Critical Condition

Jaelynn Wiley Facebook
Jaelynn Wiley Facebook

Austin Wyatt Rollins shot and wounded Jaelynn Wiley.  She’s a sophomore at Great Mills High School and a member of the swim team.  In the video at the end of this article, Maryland authorities reveal that Rollins and Wiley had a previous relationship.

Jaelynn is set to graduate in 2020.  On February 17, 2018, Wiley shared the following pic on Facebook:

Jaelynn Wiley
Jaelynn Wiley

Austin Wyatt Rollins

Austin Wyatt Rollins Facebook
Austin Wyatt Rollins Facebook

People reports that Austin Wyatt Rollins has died.  He was shot and killed by a school resource officer.  Like Antoinette Tuff, people are considering the school resource officer a hero.  Scroll down for additional information about Deputy 1st Class Blaine Gaskill.

Facebook has transferred Austin’s page to a Memorialized Account.  His profile reveals that he lived in Lexington, Maryland and his relationship status is set to single.  His cover image shows a Daytona sign.  Rollins last update was a 2013 post about Minecraft.

Luckily, the shooting wasn’t as deadly as the Florida school shooting where 17 people were killed.  The Sun reports that there have been 6 school shootings this year in which victims were injured or killed by a firearm.

Austin Wyatt Rollins Facebook
Austin Wyatt Rollins Facebook
Jaelynn Is An Amazing Young Lady

Wiley’s family released a statement explaining that she’s an amazing young lady.  Jaelynn is one of 9 siblings and was a sophomore at Great Mills High School.  Jaelynn was most likely in a previous relationship with Austin.

Jaelynn Wiley’s YouCaring Fundraiser

A fundraiser was created on to help Jaelynn and her family through this difficult time.  As of Tuesday evening, more than $36,000 has been donated.  The fundraiser has a goal of $45,000.

Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill
Blaine Gaskill
Blaine Gaskill

Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill is the school resource officer being praised for his quick response to the shooting.  Gaskill rushed to the scene as soon as the gunfire began.  Him and Austin exchanged fire and the incident was over in seconds.

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