A1 Bentley, Yung Berg Robbed On Instagram Live – Lyrica Anderson Reacts

Floyd A1 Bentley and Yung Berg aka Hitmaka were robbed at gunpoint.  The incident was captured on Instagram Live.  Scroll to the video below to see what happened.  At the end of the video, Lyrica Anderson is seen crying.

“Put That Camera Down!”

A1 Bentley has the camera on himself at the beginning of the video but then the robbers tell him to put the camera down.  He puts the camera down and then we hear him talking to members of his crew.  One of A1 Bentley’s friends is heard asking him questions and A1 responds “I don’t know.”

“Did He Hit You With The Gun?”

A1 eventually gathers himself and starts asking questions.  “Did he hit you with the gun?” The producer and his crew should be glad that they’re still alive.  A1’s phone made the thief uncomfortable.  He could have panicked and shot A1, Yung Berg or members of their crew.

A1 Bentley Screams On His Crew

Towards the end of the video A1 is upset and starts blaming his crew.  He wants to know how the robbers were able to get in the studio without anyone noticing them.  One of the producer’s friends explains that he’s filming so he wasn’t paying attention.

Lyrica Anderson Responds

Lyrica Anderson is seen crying in the following video.  She thanks her fans for telling her what happened and explains that she’s panicking.  Luckily, A1 and Berg are alive.  They’ll have to make some security changes to prevent this from happening again.

What do you think about A1 Bentley and Yung Berg being robbed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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