Who Won The Rap Game Season 4?

Street Bud won season 4 of The Rap Game!

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In the season 4 finale of The Rap Game, “There Can Only Be One” we finally find out which rapper wins the competition.  Jermaine Dupri had a difficult decision to make.  The reality competition series has gained a massive amount of popularity and its attracting serious talent.

The competition was amazing.  I loved each rapper’s final performance.  “They don’t see it, nope!” RapUnzel proclaimed during her performance.  Ricci Bitti also came strong with her track “You Can’t Be Like Me!”

Ricci Bitti

Ricci Bitti is the first person to be eliminated from the competition.  Dupri explains that she has serious talent but she still has major work to do.  She was only 15 during her time on the series so she has plenty of time.


Jordan was an early favorite.  I was surprised to see Jermaine dismiss him.  His lyrical content is on point and he has some serious swag.  In the finale, he had difficulties choosing a beat and Dupri thought he was wasting valuable time.

Dupri noticed Jordan’s growth.  In the first few episodes of season 4 we see Jordan getting frustrated about his lyrics and he needed a haircut.  By the finale, Jordan is no longer forgetting his lyrics and he has a fresh haircut.

Who Won The Rap Game Season 4?
Who Won The Rap Game Season 4?

Lil Bri

Lil Bri is the third person to be eliminated from the competition.  Dupri explains that she was close, but she still has work to do.  She is a hard worker so I’m sure we’ll be hearing about her in the future.


RapUnzel and Street Bud were the last two contestants left. Dupri explained that RapUnzel has come a very long way. When she arrived, Dupri thought she wanted to be a model instead of an emcee. By the end of the competition, RapUnzel was a rapper first and a pretty face second.

Street Bud

Street Bud is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.  When the kids met Teyana Taylor, she asked each one, “If you don’t win the competition who do you think will?” Everyone chose Street Bud, proving that he was born to be a star.  His personality is one-of-a kind thanks to his dedicated mother, Cori.

Street Bud’s father has been in and out of jail his entire life.  Instead of dwelling on it, Street uses his circumstances as inspiration.

What did you think about season 4 of The Rap Game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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