Tanisha Cleveland My 600 lb Life Now

Tanisha Cleveland of Silsbee, Texas appeared on episode 5 of My 600 lb Life‘s tenth season.  The image below shows that she’s doing great and she’s still working hard to lose weight.  Tanisha had a difficult childhood leading her to gain weight.

Tanisha’s Mother Died Of Obesity

Tanisha didn’t enjoy her childhood because her mother was an alcoholic.  Like many of the patients on My 600 lb Life, Tanisha needed therapy because of her difficult upbringing.  Sadly, Tanisha’s mother died of obesity when she was 50-years-old.  Tanisha has two children who need her so she wants to lose weight to stay alive.

Tanisha Cleveland My 600 lb Life Now
Tanisha Cleveland My 600 lb Life Now

Like Teretha Hollins-Neely, Tanisha was molested as a child.  Tanisha’s mother’s boyfriend molested her multiple times.  Her mother’s boyfriend was very mean and violent towards Tanisha.

Tanisha eventually moved in with her grandparents but that didn’t solve her problems.  Her grandfather also molested her multiple times.


In the Facebook post below, Tanisha writes #600LBLIFENOMORE.  Tanisha went through several ups and downs during her time on the series.  Initially, she only lost a few pounds and was unable to qualify for weight loss surgery.

Tanisha decided to give up after her and her husband, Troy, got a divorce.  She was down but she wasn’t out.  She returned to the series but then quit again after she found out that she was still gaining weight.

Dr. Nowzaradan
Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Nowzaradan agreed to give Tanisha another chance but he made her see a therapist.  It’s easy to ignore your mental health when you’re trying to lose weight.  Mental and physical health may not seem connected but they’re closer than you think.

If you lack confidence and mental strength you won’t be able to lose weight.  Mental health issues, like depression, can lead to serious physical health issues.

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