Suge Knight Wives

Suge Knight has 3 ex-wives:

  1. Sharitha Lee Golden
  2. Michel’le Touissaint
  3. Stormey Ramdhane

Scroll down to read about each on of Knight’s wives.

Unsolved: The Murder Of Tupac And The Notorious BIG

Unsolved: The Murder Of Tupac And The Notorious BIG covers the deaths of the legendary rappers and presents information about Greg Kading and Russell Poole.  Kevin Gaines is also discussed.  Gaines, Kading and Poole worked for the LAPD.  Kading and Poole were detectives who investigated the deaths of Tupac and Biggie and Gaines was a police officer.

Sharitha Knight Dated Kevin Gaines

Kevin Gaines was a LAPD police officer who was murdered by LAPD detective Frank Lyga in 1997 after a road rage incident.  Gaines dated Suge Knight’s ex-wife Sharitha.

Kevin Gaines Sharitha Knight's Ex-Boyfriend
Kevin Gaines Sharitha Knight’s Ex-Boyfriend

Last year, Suge made headlines when he claimed that Sharitha helped kill Tupac.  In the following video, Sharitha denies Suge’s allegations.

If you watched Surviving Compton then you probably have questions about Suge Knight’s wives.  We know about Dr. Dre’s ex-wife Michel’le, but what about the other women that were in the music executive’s life? This article provides all the information you need to know about Suge’s past relationships.

Sharitha Lee Golden

On November 3, 1989, Suge married Sharitha Lee Golden.  She is the mother of his first child.  In 1987, two years before their marriage, Sharitha obtained a restraining order against Suge.  They later reconciled and ended up getting married.
Suge Knight Wives Sharitha Lee Golden
Suge Knight Wives Sharitha Lee Golden

Michel’le Toussaint

Suge married Michel’le Toussaint in 1999.  The former couple’s marriage lasted 6 years.  Knight proposed to her while he was locked up.  He told her that he would divorce his wife but he never did.  Dr. Dre and Michel’le had a son together in 1991.  The rapper treated her horrible and even broke her nose.
Suge Knight Wives Michel'le
Suge Knight Wives Michel’le

Stormey Ramdhane

Stormey Ramdhan is the mother of two of Suge’s kids and his ex-fiancée.  In 2014 she released her book, My Life With The Knight, which documented the time they spent together.  Suge claims that the book is full of lies but we all know he’s not the most trustworthy person in the world.
Stormey Ramdhan
Stormey Ramdhan

Check out the trailer for Surviving Compton: