Are Safaree And Juju Dating?

Are Safaree and Juju dating? In Love and Hip Hop season 8 episode 16, “Mix Up” we see the reality stars take their relationship to the next level.  Juliet “Juju” Casteneda is working on her on her “Secrets Of A Jewel” play and during rehearsal, Safaree Samuels tried to kiss her.

It was a part of the script but there’s definitely some chemistry between these two.  They’ve been flirting the entire season and they would make a great couple.  Keep reading for all the reasons why we think Safaree and Juju should date.  Scroll to the poll at the end of this article to let us know what you think about the reality stars dating.

Are Safaree And Juju Dating?
Are Safaree And Juju Dating?

Safaree’s Mom Approves

Safaree respects his mother, Shirley, and she wants him to find a respectable woman like Juju. Safaree’s mom met Juju at a restaurant and told Safaree that she was the type of female that he needed to date.

Mama Shirley is tired of him dating immature “thots” who still get into fights.  Dreamdoll is talented but she has some growing up to do.  I’m glad her and Safaree’s relationship didn’t last.

Safaree Is No Longer “Nicki Minaj’s Ex”

Safaree’s leaked pic/video have taken his career to the next level.  For years, people called him “Nicki’s ex” but now he’s receiving the respect he deserves.

The photos would be a deal breaker for some women but Juju was in a long-term relationship with Cam’ron so she shouldn’t have any issues dealing with Safaree’s personality.  In 2013, Cam shared a revealing pic of Juju in a tub.

Juju’s Easygoing Personality

Safaree has discussed some of his past relationships and he doesn’t like women who try to control him.  Nicki Minaj has a controlling personality and she can be a perfectionist.  Juju isn’t controlling like Nicki and Safaree won’t have to worry about disappointing her.

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