Rain Pryor: Was Richard Bisexual? Marlon Brando Gay?

Scroll down to hear Marlon Wayans’ hilarious reaction to rumors about Richard Pryor being gay.  Quincy Jones claims that Pryor was bisexual and had relations with Marlon Brando who was openly gay.  Jones also claimed that Brando had relations with Marvin Gaye and James Baldwin.  Vulture was quick to get an interview with Jones after seeing his viral GQ interview.

Rain Pryor: My dad’s relationship with a trans woman

Richard Pryor’s daughter, Rain responded to Quincy Jones’ allegations.  In the Facebook post below, Rain explains that her father was open about his life.  She discusses Pryor’s relationship with a trans woman and says that Quincy is going senile.  While people agree about Jones going senile, many doubt that Rain would know if Richard had relations with Brando.

Richard Pryor Quincy Jones
Richard Pryor Quincy Jones

Check out Rain Pryor’s response:

In Pryor’s autobiography he admits to having a relationship with a transgender man

In Richard Pryor’s 1995 autobiography, Pryor Convictions: And Other Life Sentences, the comedian admits that he had a two-week relationship with a transgender man.  He explains that he never kept the relationship a secret and even his best friend knew that he was in a relationship with a man.  Although Quincy Jones is losing his mind, he may not be lying about Richard Pryor.

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