Petition To Remove Snapchat Update – Please Sign

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The February 2018 Snapchat update was a complete fail! Users are complaining and some have even deleted the app.  The update makes it more difficult to access the Snapchat’s best features.  Others are working together to do something about it.  The update changed the Stories, Friends and Discover sections of the app.

Snapchat is trying to survive against popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter so you can’t blame them for trying to make the app better.  Snapchat has to understand that the updates make the app worse.  It’s all about listening to your customers and Snapchat must do so to maintain its popularity.  The company’s Spectacles were an overall failure and this update is even worse.

Petition To Remove Snapchat Update
Petition To Remove Snapchat Update

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Will the petition work?

Snapchat’s stock has finally improved so some people think signing the petition is a waste of time.  If enough people sign, the company will have to act accordingly.  There’s too much competition from Instagram for Snapchat to ignore feedback from its loyal users.  We won’t know unless we try so please sign the petition!

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By Jason John

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