How Much Has Black Panther Made (So Far)?


As of Saturday, February 24, 2018, Black Panther has earned $292 million in North America.  On Friday, February 23, 2018, the film earned $28.858 million.  On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Black Panther made $14.3 million.  It has made $520 million worldwide.

Black Panther earned $192 million so far and is projected to earn more than $218 million for the President’s Day weekend.  Disney increased its forecast to $210 million and Box Office Pro predicts $205 million.  Black Panther is showing at 4,020 locations in the United States.

Global ticket sales will total $387 million according to comScore.  The film has already made $361,023,000 worldwide.  African-Americans and Marvel lovers are responsible for the movie’s incredible earnings.

How Much Has Black Panther Made So Far?
How Much Has Black Panther Made So Far?

Kendrick Lamar bought out 3 cinemas for 1,000 kids to see Black Panther

Kendrick Lamar was responsible for Black Panther‘s amazing soundtrack and he sent 1,000 kids who live in L.A. housing projects to see the film for free.  Kendrick understands the importance of giving back.  Many of the children that he sent to see the film don’t have positive role models.  Seeing a movie like Black Panther will inspire them.

We need more black superheroes.  Empire reminded the world that African-American consumers want to be entertained and Black Panther is delivering another reminder.  Black kids want to see entertainers they can relate to and black parents will continue to support positive black role models.

Black Panther criticized for lack of LGBT representation

Black Panther is shattering records but not everyone is happy about the film.  A group of people boycotted the movie because Michael B. Jordan doesn’t date black women.  Black Panther has also been criticized for its lack of LGBT representation.  The comic book version of Black Panther features a lesbian scene that isn’t included in the movie.

In the comic book version of Black Panther, Okoye and Ayo hook up but their lesbian romance is not included in the film.  Most of Okoye and Ayo’s flirtatious scenes were erased from the movie.

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