Did Lyrica Anderson File For Divorce From A1 Bentley?

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 5 trailer makes it look like Lyrica and Floyd’s relationship is over but they could be pulling a Kirk and Rasheeda.  You never know in the world of Love and Hip Hop.

It looks like Lyrica Anderson and Floyd A1 Bentley are getting a divorce.  The Shade Room spilled the couple’s tea all over the place.  Is this Kirk and Rasheeda part 2? I’m still not sure what to believe when it comes to Love and Hip Hop cast members.  This could be a publicity stunt for the fifth season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Lyrica Anderson Floyd A1 Bentley
Lyrica Anderson Floyd A1 Bentley

Did A1 Cheat On Lyrica In New York?

The Instagram post below explains that A1 Bentley cheated on Lyrica during a trip to New York.  On #LHHH A1 seemed like a devoted husband who was addicted to creating quality music.  Marcus Black and Fizz seem like the cheating type whereas A1 seemed too smart to risk his marriage.

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#TSRExclusive: Get into this tea! If you’ve been keeping up with TSR then you know that #Lyrica recently made a post about being single and wishing she would have mingled (swipe left to catch up). Everyone was stunned to hear this because this couple seemed to be the most solid on #LHHH ! _________________________ Well, we did some digging to see what the drama was all about and stumbled upon a couple of birdies that sang us the tea. Apparently, #A1 was out in #NewYork on September 17th with his boy a couple of days before the reunion and decided to bring some girls back to his hotel room. ______________________ Allegedly, A1 and his boy ran into some girls and started vibing with the girl pictured on the right. They brought the girls to the hotel room and tried to have them sign a bootleg contract stating they couldn’t speak to the media. Then some adultery went down and they told the girls they had to leave shortly after. As usual the girls had pics and receipts. _____________________ The news eventually came out and when #Lyrica found out it lead to the post we saw on social media. Ever since—- read more on

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A1 Deleted All His Instagram Pics

A1 deleted most of his pics on Instagram.  I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish.  Lyrica doesn’t care about him posting pics, she just wants him to stay faithful.

A1 Bentley Instagram
A1 Bentley Instagram

Lyrica Anderson Should Have Cheated

In the following Instagram post, Lyrica explains that she doesn’t know why she didn’t have a side piece.  Anderson’s Love and Hip Hop castmate Keyshia Cole said it best with her 2005 hit single “I Should Have Cheated.”

Lyrica shared the following message on her Instagram Story:

Lyrica Anderson Instagram Story
Lyrica Anderson Instagram Story

Does that mean that she’s willing to give A1 another chance? He better get his act together before he loses his lady!

What do you think about Lyrica and A1’s breakup? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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