James LB Bonner – My 600 lb Life Now

James “LB” Bonner from Lexington, South Carolina appears in episode 6 of My 600 lb Life‘s sixth season.  In the Facebook post below, Bonner explains that he has overcome numerous obstacles and demons throughout his life.  He hopes his story will inspire others to accomplish their goals.  LB is adopted and when he was young, he tried to prove himself to his new family.

Bonner was on a path of self-destruction because he didn’t love himself.  In LB’s episode of My 600 lb Life we’ll see him on a new path to save his health and fix broken relationships.  When you don’t love yourself you don’t think you deserve to be loved by anyone else.  Bonner’s story is a reminder to encourage yourself and believe in yourself.  Never doubt who you are.

James LB Bonner My 600 lb Life Now
James LB Bonner My 600 lb Life Now

LB Bonner says that he now understands that he’s worth the love he receives from others.  He explains that we all go through dark times but it’s all about how we bounce back.

James LB Bonner Young
James LB Bonner Young
Follow LB Bonner on Facebook.  He shares motivational messages on a consistent basis.  Bonner reminds us that life is too short to dwell on broken pieces of the past.  It will only destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.


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