Fergie Memes Draymond Green (National Anthem) – Top 10

Fergie memes are breaking the Internet right now.  Draymond Green’s reaction to her National Anthem performance was hilarious.  He couldn’t hold back and started laughing for the world to see.  Draymond’s laugh was hilarious but the empty eyed look on his face before he started laughing was even funnier.  The NBA All-Star game is back and better than ever.  The players were impressive but Fergie stole the show.


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Draymond Green Is All Of Us

Draymond Green is now my favorite NBA player.  I haven’t liked Draymond since he kicked LeBron James in the groin during the 2016 NBA Finals but all has been forgiven.  Sorry LeBron.

We fell in love with Isaiah Thomas because he’s not a giant, making him more relatable.  I fell in love with Draymond because I felt exactly like him during Fergie’s performance.

Shaq Didn’t Let Charles Barkley Drag Fergie

Shaquille O’Neal is usually hilarious but he had Fergie’s back after her performance.  Charles Barkley wanted to make fun of Fergie but Shaq kept interrupting Chuck explaining the Fergie is his friend.

Shaq’s decision to interrupt Chuck was smart because Barkley has no filter.  Prior to the All-Star game, Chuck called out Paul Pierce for having bad kids.  I guess he didn’t see the Alex Reimer call Tom Brady’s daughter an “annoying little pissant.”

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