Duane Martin Net Worth 2018

Duane Martin was recently spotted with his close friend Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Was Martin seeking Smith’s advice on his recent separation from Tisha Campbell? Jada is a great friend.  When Tyrese was going through difficult times, he also contacted Smith.  Tupac told the world that Jada was an awesome person and it’s great to see her helping others.

Duane Martin Net Worth As Of 2018: $800,000

Duane Martin’s $800,000 net worth was earned through his career as an actor and his marriage to Tisha Campbell.  He’s best known for his role as Kyle Lee Watson from the 1994 film Above The Rim.  The movie also featured Tupac.

Duane and Tisha should be worth poor but they made some poor financial decisions.  In 2016 they filed for bankruptcy.  At the time, they were drowning in about $15 million in debt.

In the following tweet, Tisha Campbell explains that her and Duane have been together for 27 years.  I was surprised to hear about their separation because they seemed so happy together.  One of my favorite moments from their marriage was when they appeared on Real Husbands Of Hollywood.

Duane Martin Has Rich Friends

Duane Martin understands the importance of connections.  Him and Kevin Hart are close friends which led to his role on Real Husbands Of Hollywood.  Martin has also been seen with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Dick Gregory

Duane Martin And Will Smith

Will Smith is one of Martin’s closest friends.  Their relationship is awkward because of Smith’s relationship with his Bad Boys co-star, Martin Lawrence.  In 1997, Campbell filed a lawsuit against Lawrence for sexual harassment.  In 2016, rumors arose about Smith giving Martin $2 million to help him and Tisha get out of debt.

Duane Martin’s NBA Career


In 1989, Martin signed a contract with the New York Knicks.  A few weeks later, he was cut and never actually played in the NBA yet he can brag about being signed.

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