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NBA agent, Dan Fegan passed away in a car accident on Sunday, February 25, 2018.  The incident occurred in Colorado.  Fegan tried to merge onto a highway and was hit by a bus.  Fegan’s 5-year-old son was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries.

Dan Fegan Net Worth As Of 2018: $22 Million

Dan Fegan’s $22 million net worth was earned from his career as an NBA agent.  His first client was a fellow Yale University graduate, Chris Dudley. Over the years, Fegan built an impressive list of clients.

Some of Fegan’s best players include DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Terry and Monta Ellis.  Fegan played a major role in the Cousins’ trade from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Perlicans.

Dan Fegan Net Worth
Dan Fegan Net Worth

Despite rumors, Fegan was not married to nor was he dating Holly Baxter.  He was single at the time of his death.

Last year, Fegan lost many of his high profile clients after being terminated from Independent Sports and Entertainment.  The two sides filed lawsuits, with ISE claiming that Fegan operated a side business called Fegan Sports.

Fegan sued ISE for $30 million after losing numerous players.  He argued that ISE ruined his reputation so that the company’s CEO, Hank Ratner could take over the professional basketball division that Fegan built from the ground up.

In 2016, Forbes named Fegan the 23rd most powerful sports agent in the world.  At the time, he was representing 17 clients and had negotiated more than $582 million in contracts.  Fegan’s former client, Nene, share the following message on Instagram:

The NBA has been dealing with numerous deaths lately.  Rasual Butler recently passed away in a car accident.  He was 38.  Last month, Dwyane Wade’s agent, Henry “Hank” Thomas passed away.  He was 64.  Wade share the following tweet after hearing about Fegan’s death:

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