Cardi B Dancing To Fergie’s National Anthem (Video)

Scroll to the video below to see Cardi B dancing to Fergie’s National Anthem.  The video shows Cardi at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game but she wasn’t actually dancing during Fergie’s performance.

Fergie released an official apology, explaining that she wanted to try something different.  There are some traditions that don’t need to be changed.  The National Anthem continues to be challenged by athletes and entertainers and they all seem to lose.

Even the NBA on TNT tweeted the video of Cardi dancing to Fergie’s National Anthem:

Colin Kaepernick challenged the anthem and hasn’t played football since.  Fergie was dragged for her horrible rendition of the anthem.

Twitter’s response was brutal but the player’s reactions made the incident unforgettable.  I’m used to seeing Draymond Green argue with the refs so it was great to see him cracking up.  As every tweet explained: “We’re All Draymond Green.”

Cardi B Dancing To Fergie National Anthem
Cardi B Dancing To Fergie National Anthem

Cardi is blonde again and we’re not mad at her.  She was spotted with Offset and the Migos and they took a pic with Fergie and her father, Jon Patrick Ferguson.

Cardi B’s best friend, Star Brim recently made headlines for allegedly leaking an explicit video of Blac Chyna.  Star made it clear that Cardi didn’t have anything to do with it.  Like Cardi and Chyna, Star is a dancer.  She admitted that she leaked the video and Chyna says that the police are investigating the incident.

Fergie had a horrible weekend but she’s doing better than Chyna and Star.  Chyna has two kids and Kim Kardashian is the only person that has been able to capitalize, long-term, from an explicit video.  Star will face serious charges if there’s enough proof that she leaked the video.

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