Brittani Fulfer – My 600 lb Life Update

Brittani Fulfer recently shared a pic on Facebook and she’s looking better than ever.  In the post, the former My 600 lb Life patient is wearing a shirt that her mother-in-law bought her for Christmas.  She advises her followers to set goals and smash them.  That’s exactly what Brittani did on her episode of My 600 lb Life.

Brittani weighed more than 600 pounds when we met her in 2016.  Her husband likes large woman but Brittani wanted to lose weight so they could enjoy their sex life.  Like many patients on My 600 lb Life, Brittani struggled with low self-esteem issues and was afraid that her husband wouldn’t be attracted to her if she continued to gain weight.

Brittani Fulfer My 600 lb Life Update
Brittani Fulfer My 600 lb Life Update


Brittani Fulfer is #TinyButFierce

Although Brittani lost tons of weight, she’s still being fat-shamed by Internet trolls.  In the Facebook post below, Fulfer explains that she was asked why she put #tinybutfierce in a post when she’s far from tiny.

Brittani clapped back by explaining that she is 5 feet tall but she’s fierce and refuses to let anything stop her! She also reveals that #tinybutfierce is a play on her favorite William Shakespeare quote: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” The quote is from Shakespeare’s comedy Midsummer Night’s Dream and describes Brittani perfectly.

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