Bobby Lytes Net Worth, Age, Nationality

Bobby Lytes was born on October 24, 1990 and is currently 27-years-old.  He is Dominican and his real name is Bobby Nico Wade.  Tina’s father and Bobby’s father are brothers.  During Bobby’s interview with The Breakfast Club he revealed that his dad spent years in jail so he was raised by a single mother in Homestead, a Miami suburb.

Bobby Lytes Net Worth: $100,000

Bobby Lytes $100,000 net worth was earned through his career as a rapper, singer and model.  The Love and Hip Hop Miami star recently released his track “Way Up” featuring Taylor Hill.  Trina may not be helping him with his career but Bobby’s hard work is paying off.  His interview with The Breakfast Club proves that he’s blowing up fast.

Bobby Lytes
Bobby Lytes

Bobby Throws Shade At Trina

In episode 9 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Crossroads” we see Bobby throw shade at Trina during an interview on Trick Daddy and Supa Cindy’s podcast, Famous and Uncensored.

Miami Tip calls Bobby out for insulting Trina.  She explains that she is working hard because she no longer wants to be a stripper and Bobby is taking her for granted.  Tip lets Bobby use her studio time and she understands the importance of connections.  If Trina cuts Tip off that could ruin her career.

Malik Wants To Fight Bobby Over Jeffrey

Bobby and Jeffrey “JT” White were dating for about a year but then JT cheated on Bobby with Malik Williams.  Bobby should be upset with Malik but Malik doesn’t see things that way.  Jeffrey and Malik are now dating.  Malik thinks that Bobby is ruining his relationship with Jeffrey so he wants to fight him.

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