Beyonce Boy Snapchat Love Story – FSU, Aidan Faminoff

Beyonce Boy is Aidan Faminoff, a diver at Florida State University.  Faminoff is openly gay but Beyonce Girl didn’t know that until she met him.  Aidan broke the Internet by posting a video of himself on FSU’s Snapchat Story.  In the video, Faminoff wrote “Feeling like Beyoncé in this wind.” Who needs class when you’re searching for Beyonce Boy?

A female student at FSU responds to Beyonce Boy: “So if the guy with the beautiful Beyoncé hair on the FSU story could hmu that would be great.” Beyonce Boy responds to Beyonce Girl, revealing his location.

Beyonce Boy Snapchat Love Story FSU Aidan Faminoff
Beyonce Boy Snapchat Love Story FSU Aidan Faminoff

Beyonce Girl responds and tells Beyonce Boy that she missed him but she’s still looking for him.  This was a classic case of Snap Tag.  Everyone following FSU’s Snapchat Story was anxious for Beyonce Girl and Beyonce Boy to meet.

Beyonce Girl goes to the Moore Auditorium but still can’t find Beyonce Boy. “Update, I think we’re at the wrong place.  Um, Beyonce Boy are you at the Union?” FSU students get frustrated and upload videos to FSU’s Snap Story asking if Queen Bey Girl/Boy ever meet.  Beyonce Girl gets Chik-Fil-A and finally meets Beyonce Boy.  Faminoff then explains, “I had to break the news to her.  I like boys.”

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