Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Girlfriend Kidada Jones

Who is Kidada Ann Jones? She’s an actress model and fashion designer who recently released the book School of Awake.  The book teaches young girls how to love themselves and live life without losing sight of what’s important.  Kidada’s father is legendary record producer Quincy Jones and her mother is actress Peggy Lipton.  Kidada was born on March 22, 1974 in Los Angeles, California.


Tupac and Kidada got engaged in 1995

Tupac and Kidada got engaged in 1995 and they were living together in Las Vegas at the time of his death.  On September 13, 1996, Tupac was on his way to see Jones but he was murdered in a drive-by shooting.  Kidada was one of the last people who spoke to Tupac, in the hospital, before he died.

Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died?
Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Kidada Jones


Kidada And Tupac Astrological Love Compatibility

Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Kidada Jones
Who Was Tupac Dating When He Died? Kidada Jones

Tupac was born on June 16 making him an Aries.  Kidada’s March 22 birthday makes her a Gemini.  Aries are known for their confident personalities, explaining Tupac’s one-of-a-kind swag.  They are also known to be aggressive and short-tempered.  Tupac’s legal troubles and songs like “Hit Em Up” prove that he had an anger problem.

Gemini are gentle and affectionate but they can also be inconsistent and indecisive.  Kidada’s love for Tupac proves that she was an affectionate person.  Gemini and Aries are compatible.  They connect on an intellectual and physical level.  They are able to communicate effectively and stay positive through difficult times.

Kidada Jones School Of Awake

Kidada recently discussed her book, School of Awake on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday.  Jones explains that she started school when she was 2-years-old and never felt like she fit in.  She struggled with learning disabilities and was held back multiple times.

By the time Kidada reached high school she had been expelled from 8 schools.  This made her want to help young girls who experience difficulties in school.  In the video above, Kidada does activities with girls to help them understand who they are and stay true to themselves.

Kidada Jones Young
Kidada Jones Young

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