When Does Power Come Back On? – Season 6 Release Date

Power‘s season 6 will most likely debut on Friday, June 28, 2019.

In the post below 50 Cent reveals that Optimum is threatening to drop Starz and Power because of the black actors on the series.  Go to to see if this change affects you and take action if it does.

Call 1-844-717-8279 and tell Optimum that you plan to switch to another provider if they don’t bring back Starz!
This post contains spoilers.  If you haven’t watched the season 4 finale of Power you should stop reading.  The Starz series continues to get better despite leaked episodes and Raina’s death.  Surprisingly, Raina’s death brought the St. Patrick family together.


Tariq becomes Ghost

They say the sins of the father fall on the child and that’s exactly what’s happening to Tariq.  Whether you approve of Ghost’s decisions or not, he is a liar, a drug dealer and a murderer.  Tariq is paying for Ghost’s decisions in numerous ways.  Raina would still be alive if Ghost lived a life of honesty.  In the season 4 finale, “You Can’t Fix This” Tariq shoots and kills Ray Ray, becoming a murderer, just like his father.

Check out our Power Character Status Chart to keep up with whose dead and whose still breathing:

Power Character Status Infographic
Power Character Status Infographic

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Power Character Status Infographic

Kanan, Tommy and Ghost, the brothers are back together

Kanan hates Ghost for getting him sent to prison but Kanan, Ghost and Tommy all hate Dre.  If it wasn’t for Dre, Raina would still be alive.  Dre kept Tariq’s secrets, leading Tariq to the dark side that his parents tried to protect him from.  Dre pulled a divide and conquer move on Tommy and Dre has what Kanan wants: Power.



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