What Kind Of Car Does Sasha Obama Drive? – New?

Natasha “Sasha” Obama didn’t crash her car and she doesn’t own a Bugatti.  A fake news site recently published a story that claimed Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha, drove her Bugatti Veyron into a lake.  A Bugatti Veyron cost more than $1 million and Sasha doesn’t have one.

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On June 10, 2017, Sasha turned 16-years-old so her parents most likely bought her a car.  In 2014, Barack and Michelle gave Sasha’s older sister, Malia a new car for her Sweet Sixteen.  Not much information is known about Sasha’s personal life.  She most likely has a car but media outlets continue to respect the former first family’s privacy for security reasons.

What Kind Of Car Does Sasha Obama Drive? New?
What Kind Of Car Does Sasha Obama Drive? New?

“Sasha Obama’s New Car Is Disgusting”

Real news outlets stay out of the former first family’s business but fake news outlets have been spreading lies about the Obamas.  Along with the story mentioned above about Sasha’s Bugatti, fake news outlets are running ads that claim “Sasha’s new car is disgusting.” I clicked on one of the ads and the article doesn’t even mention Sasha’s name.  It’s a story about jaw dropping vehicles owned by celebrities.

The lies involving the Obama family don’t stop there.  The following video claims that Barack and Michelle aren’t Malia and Sasha’s real parents.

“The Beast” aka “Limousine One” aka “Cadillac One”

While Barack Obama was the president, Sasha’s main source of transportation was “Limousine One” aka “Cadillac One.” The vehicle was nicknamed the vehicle “The Beast” because it’s ready for war.  It’s equipped with bulletproof glass and plates that are able to stop an explosive device.  The trunk has firefighting equipment and oxygen tanks to protect the president by all means necessary.

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