What Kind Of Car Does Malia Obama Drive? – New?

What kind of car does Malia Obama drive? According to online advertisements, “Malia Obama’s new car is disgusting.” When you click on the ad, the article doesn’t even mention Malia’s name.  Not much is known about Malia’s car because the media usually doesn’t report on routine activities involving the former president’s children in order to protect their security.

Malia received a car for her 16th birthday

Here’s what we do know: Malia Obama got her first car when she turned 16 but she didn’t have her driver’s license.  In Washington, D.C. you have to be 17 to drive alone.  Malia had her learner’s permit when she got her first car so she was only allowed to drive with an adult supervisor.


What Kind Of Car Does Malia Obama Drive? New?
What Kind Of Car Does Malia Obama Drive? New?

Barack Obama’s first car was a Ford Granada

Barack and Michelle Obama both attended from Harvard’s law school and were still paying off student loans a decade after they graduated.  Barack had to be smart with his money so he only spent $900 for his first car, a Ford Granada.
Barack Obama's First Car Was A Ford Granada
Barack Obama’s First Car Was A Ford Granada

Unlike her parents, Malia’s first car was brand new.  Barack’s Granada had a hole in the floor enabling to really see the road while he was driving.  The car rattled and shook but Michelle didn’t care.  That’s how Barack knew she didn’t marry him for his money.

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