What Does “Come At Me Bro” Mean?

“Come at me bro” is a confrontational phrase typically used to suggest that a person won’t initiate a fight but is willing to fight if need be.  Geico broke the Internet with their hilarious “Manatee Shirts” commercial.  A family is surprised to learn that manatees have great fashion sense.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see the commercial.

The commercial shows a family at an aquarium viewing a manatee exhibit.  The father, played by Mike Holly, says “Oh, manatees AKA The Sea Cow.” He then sees a manatee wearing a shirt that says “Did Someone Say Tacos?” The family then spots two more manatees.  One is wearing a blue shirt that says “I’m With Stupid” and the other one is wearing a yellow shirt that says “Come At Me Bro.”

Voice-over: “Manatees in novelty Ts? Surprising.”

The voice-over is done by Andrew Anthony.  At the end of the commercial, the son (Levi Oleesky) asks “What’s come at me bro?” The father explains that it’s something you say to a friend.  The voice-over then asks, “What’s not surprising?” and answers “How much money Matt saved by switching to GEICO.”

The wife is played by Joanne Verbos.  The commercial was created by The Martin Agency which has worked with Geico for over 20 years.  The person who chose to include the “Come At Me Bro” shirt was most a Jersey Shore fan.  In the first season of the reality series, Ronnie popularized the phrase during a confrontation on the boardwalk.

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