What Does “Active” Mean On Instagram DM?

Instagram now tells your followers and people you DM the last time you active on the app.  To disable the feature select Settings and scroll down to “Show Activity Status.” Tap the blue toggle switch to turn off Instagram’s new activity status feature.  I was a fan of Instagram copying Snapchat’s Story feature but IG shouldn’t follow Snapchat’s lead when it comes to privacy.

Last year, Snapchat’s Snap Map feature raised serious privacy concerns.  When you opt in, Snap Map reveals your location every time you open the app.  In other words, it’s the perfect tool for a stalker who wants to track your location.  Instagram’s activity status feature isn’t as bad as Snapchat’s Snap Map tool but many people use both apps.

What Does Active Mean On Instagram?
What Does Active Mean On Instagram DM?

Stalkers are now able to track you down with Snapchat and when they find you they’ll call you out for ignoring the DM they sent you on IG: “I know you saw the message I sent you because you were active 10 minutes ago and I sent it 20 minutes ago.”

Snapchat is slowly but surely becoming every other social media network.  The messaging tool now allows users to share Stories outside of the app.  You’ll be able to text and email Public Stories and share them on other social media networks.  Instagram is also focused on new features.  Users can now add GIFs as stickers to their Stories.

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