TSgt Geraldine Lovely – “Black Females No Respect”

TSgt Geraldine Lovely has been removed from her supervisory role for making racist comments about black females.  In the video below, Lovely says that her black female subordinates have no respect and she’s trying not to blow up and start a fight club.  The technical sergeant shared the video in a Air Force Facebook group on Sunday, January 28, 2018.

Geraldine’s video went viral on Facebook and currently has over 1 million views.  Nellis Air Force Base explains that Lovely has been removed from her supervisory role and an investigation is being conducted.

TSgt Geraldine Lovely Removed For Racist Comments
TSgt Geraldine Lovely Removed For Racist Comments

Is the military racist? Last year, Newsweek reported that black service members are two times more likely than whites to face a court martial.

TSgt Lovely claims that black females constantly have an attitude.  I can’t believe she would share such racist comments on social media.  How bacd did she have to get her feelings off her chest? She should have spoken to a friend instead of sharing the video with the world.

Race in America continues to be a hot topic.  While I think Sergeant Lovely should be punished for her comments, I don’t think she should lose her job.  In the video below, Jay-Z discusses former L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling being exposed as a racist.  The rapper says it was a mistake for him to lose his team.

When Sterling lost the Clippers for making, all the “closet racist” ran back into the closet.  Jay-Z thinks that different races should discuss their issues.  TSgt Lovely needs help and we shouldn’t insult her.  Sharing that video on Facebook was her way of reaching out and we should embrace her and help change her mindset.

What do you think about TSgt Geraldine Lovely being removed from her leadership role? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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