Trick Daddy Face – Lupus, Wife Joy

Trick Daddy was diagnosed with lupus in 2005.  The rapper used to get steroid shots in his face and in his beard.  Steroids are commonly prescribed for lupus.  Steroid injections can cause scarring and leave indentions in your skin.  Initially, he would let his beard grow out to cover his breakouts but he eventually got tired of it and decided to shave.

Discoid Lupus

Trick Daddy suffers from discoid lupus (discoid lupus erthematosus) which leaves coin-shaped lesions.  The condition causes a rash that typically worsens when exposed to sunlight.  Trick is from the 305 where there’s plenty of sunlight.  Love and Hip Hop Miami offers Trick a second chance.  When he was diagnosed with lupus he says he spent most of his time in the studio.  He’s now comfortable in his skin and ready retake his throne.

Trick Daddy Face Lupus
Trick Daddy Face Lupus

Trick Daddy Wife Joy


Trick Daddy is married to Trina’s cousin, Joy.  In the video above, Trick and Trina make a club appearance and Trina invites Joy because it’s her birthday.  Trick and Joy are still married but they’ve been separated for more than 4 years.  Trick doesn’t want to speak to her but it’s her birthday so he has to.Trina calls Joy out for being separated from Trick for more than 4 years and refusing to divorce him.  How do Trick and Joy expect to move on if they’re still married?

Trick Daddy Tells Black Women To Tighten Up

In 2016, Trick Daddy told black women that they better tighten up before Spanish and white women make them useless.  In the video above, Trick tries to clear up his comments.  He’s sitting beside Amara La Negra, a Afro-Latina who is proud of her roots.  Trick explains that he loves black women and he says that all women need to tighten up.

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