Tameka Foster Dragged For Using Lyric Hurd’s Image

Usher Raymond’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster is being dragged by Lyric Hurd’s mother, Tanisha.  Scroll to the Instagram post below to see what Tanisha had to say about Foster.  Tameka recently shared a pic of a cartoon character named Damaris that will be in a passion project she’s working on.  Hours later, Lyric Hurd’s mother posted the same pic Tameka shared alongside a picture of her daughter and it’s obvious that Tameka used Lyric to create Damaris.

Lyric’s mother explained that she’s appalled that as women, we cannot stick together.  Although Hurd’s picture was used to create Damaris, the young actress is not involved in the project.  Hurd’s mother explains that she has worked hard to brand Lyric and invest in her talent.  She was hurt by Tameka’s actions and cried when she saw the cartoon version of herself on Tameka’s page.

Lyric Hurd’s Picture Was Used To Create Tameka Foster’s Character Damaris

Lyric Hurd aka Lyric the Diva is an actress, model and dancer.  She was born on December 7, 2008 and is currently 9-years-old.  Lyric started modeling when she was 4.  She’s from the DMV and in 2013 she won first place in Glynn Jackson’s Showbiz Kidz of the DMV runway competition.

Lyric made her acting debut in 2014 when she appeared on a PBS Sprout announcement for the 2014 Winter Olympics.  In 2015 she played young Aiden Collins in Artemis Falls.  She has also appeared in Blue Bloods, Daria The Great, Roxanne Roxanne, Secrets and Forbidden.

Tameka Foster was married to Usher from 2007 to 2009.  She’s a wardrobe stylist and has worked with some of the most popular entertainers on the planet including Jay-Z, Nas and Lauryn Hill.

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By Jason John

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