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My 600 lb Life: Where Are They Now

Steven and Justin Assanti were seen on My 600 lb Life: Where Are They Now.  Each time people are see the brother on TV they search “Steven Assanti obituary” because they’re convinced that he’ll be dead soon.  Steven is addicted to Vicodin and he still hasn’t been approved for gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. Nowzaradan has lost his patience with Steven.  Dr. Now threatens to get Steven arrested for abusing pain medication.  The doctor approved Steven for gastric sleeve surgery but hasn’t approved him for gastric bypass surgery.

Steve Assanti

On December 16, 2017, Steven posted a video of himself singing and dancing.  Check out his rendition of “Santa Baby”:

Steven Assanti shared the following Facebook post on November 5, 2017.  He explains that he is back in the hospital because he was suffering chest pains.  Sadly, he has two blood clots in his leg.  Obese people run a higher risk of dangerous blood clots that can cause heart attacks.

Justin Assanti

Unlike Steven, Justin Assanti doesn’t share updates about his weight loss.  Justin seems to be doing well.  He’s focused on his small business, Hobby Haven and markets the company via Facebook on a regular basis.  He recently shared the following post, exposing someone for fat shaming:


Is Steven Assanti from My 600 lb Life dead? No, he isn’t but if he doesn’t do something about his health, he could end up dying.  In Justin’s episode of My 600 lb Life we see brothers, Steven and Justin Assanti.  Together, they weigh nearly 1,400 pounds.  Steven is manipulative and greedy.  He weighs almost 800 pounds while Justin weighs 600 pounds. Did My 600 lb Life save their lives by helping them lose weight?

Steven and Justin’s episode of My 600 lb Life is shocking because of Steven’s attitude.  While they are in a RV on the way to Houston to meet Dr. Now, Steven calls his father countless times, telling him he better get him some food, “or else!” His dad always gives in, enabling Steven’s actions.
Steven and Justin reveal that they were abused when they were younger.  Their father left their mother because she was an alcoholic.  Their mother’s boyfriend used to beat Steven and Justin.  Steven explains that he found comfort in food.  Their mother would leave food out for them while she was gone.  It’s important to feed your children but it’s also important to monitor how much they eat.

What do you think about Steven and Justin Assanti? Do you think their appearance of My 600 lb Life helped them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


By Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a self-employed writer who attended the University of Life and lives in Brilliant, OH.