Steven And Justin Assanti – My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now?

Steven and Justin Assanti recently appeared on My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now? It’s difficult to believe that the Assanti brothers are related because they’re so different.  Steven is a master manipulator who gets upset when he doesn’t get his way.  Justin has a calm, laid back personality and enjoys spending time with his dad.

Steven Assanti

Steven Assanti My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now
Steven Assanti My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now?


Sadly, Steven Assanti isn’t doing well.  He’s addicted to Vicodin and Dr. Nowzaradan is getting frustrated with him.  Steven calls an ambulance to take him to the hospital.  He’s trying to get Vicodin but Dr. Now is at the hospital when he arrives.  Dr. Now tells Steven that he’s not getting any pain medication.


Steven threatens to call the news but Dr. Now doesn’t care.  Dr. Now tells Steven that the ambulance isn’t authorized to take him home so Steven has to get a cab.  The first cab isn’t large enough so Steven has to wait for another vehicle.

Steven is trying to exercise at least two times a day.  He no longer has his pain medication so he relies on food to make himself feel good.  Dr. Now is disappointed after he weighs Steven.  The last time he visited the doctor he lost 73 pounds but this time he gained 57 pounds.  Steven blames his weight gain on the pizza he’s eating and the soda he’s drinking.
Dr. Now is no longer being nice and tells Steven that he’s failing by design.  The doctor says Steven is his most dysfunctional patient ever and doesn’t think he’ll be alive in 6 months.  Dr. Now tells Steven to take a shower because his smell hasn’t improved.  Steven is too big to survive gastric bypass surgery so he’s having gastric sleeve surgery.

Justin Assanti

Justin Assanti My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now?
Unlike Steven, Justin Assanti is doing great.  He lives in Cranston, RI where he recently started working out at home. He has cut out all snacks and he’s only eating 3 meals per day.  He needs to weigh around 500 pounds to be approved for weight loss surgery.

Justin is running Hobby Haven, the hobby shop he founded so it’s difficult for him to find free time for appointments with Dr. Nowzaradan.  Justin gets upset when he finds out that Steven has been approved for surgery.  Justin wanted to get surgery first and doesn’t think Steven deserves it.

After Justin finds out that Steven is having surgery he agrees to travel to Houston with his dad but he’s not happy.  Justin locks himself in his room and refuses to speak to his father.  He isn’t even leaving the house to run his store.  When Justin’s father finally speaks to him, he tells him to find a new place to live and wishes him good luck surviving in the snow.


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