Sonja Sohn – Laverne, The Chi

Sonja Sohn plays Laverne on the Showtime series The Chi.  In episode 3 of season 1, “Ghosts” we see Laverne tell her son, Brandon (Jason Mitchell) that she wants to sell their house.  Laverne’s other son, Coogie was murdered and Laverne can no longer walk pass his room because she misses him so much.

You most likely remember Sonja Sohn from the HBO series The Wire.  She played Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs on the show from 2002 to 2008.  If you haven’t seen The Wire you’re missing out! Sohn also played a detective on ABC’s Body of Proof.

Sonja Sohn Laverne The Chi
Sonja Sohn Laverne The Chi

Sonja Sohn was born Sonja Williams on May 9, 1964 in Fort Benning, Georgia.  The 53-year-old’s father is black and her mother is Korean.

Sohn is serious about activism.  A decade before appearing on The Chi, Sohn helped a former community organizer in Chicago named Barack Obama get a presidential bid.  The actress campaigned in North Carolina in support of Obama’s presidential bid.  Last year, Sohn directed Baltimore Rising, a HBO documentary about the 2015 Baltimore protests against police brutality.

Sohn helped protect Baltimore as a detective on The Wire but in reality she’s working hard to improve the city as an activist.  Her outreach program, reWIRED for Change helps kids involved in illegal activity.

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