Skrawberry – Love And Hip Hop Miami

Dancer, Skrawberry was seen on episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Forbidden Fruit.” Skrawberry is a popular stripper who is friends with Miami Tip.  When Keyara Stone pulls up on Miami Tip, Skrawberry has Miami Tip’s back.  Luckily, Miami Tip reveals that she’s attracted to Keyara and doesn’t want to beef with her over Gunplay.

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Skrawberry vs Teyana Taylor

In 2012, Skrawberry got into a fight with Teyana Taylor.  In the video below, Skrawberry reveals that the fight involved former NFL player, Willis McGahee.  Willis, Teyana and Skrawberry were at a club and every time Willis would say something to Skrawberry, Teyana would do something to try to get McGahee’s attention.

Skrawberry Love And Hip Hop Miami
Skrawberry Love And Hip Hop Miami

Skrawberry claims that Teyana was eventually doing splits on the floor of the club.  Skrawberry saw Teyana the next night and Teyana confronted her about something she tweeted.  Teyana takes off her shoe and her and Skrawberry end up fighting.

After a couple minutes of fighting, Teyana’s friends break it up and Skrawberry leaves the club.  Teyana was discussing the incident after Skrawberry left and some of Skrawberry’s friends got into a fight with Teyana for disrespecting Skrawberry.

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