Royalty Jeans “Roielte” – Prince #LHHMIA

Christopher “Prince” Michael Harty’s jeans brand, Roielte, not Royalty was seen on episode 4 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Fashion Victims.” Christopher Michael Harty aka the Prince of South Beach is the ultimate hustler.  He’s currently one of the most popular promoters in Miami and now he has his own clothing line.


Prince’s businesses are booming but he needs to work on his love life.  HIs girlfriend, Liz Cifuentes is tired of his late nights of partying but Prince refuses to change.  Liz ruins some of Prince’s clothes after she finds out that he was partying with Pleasure P’s ex-girlfriend Gabby.  Prince will eventually have to decide between his career as a promoter and his relationship with Liz.

Royalty Jeans Roielte Prince #LHHMIA
Royalty Jeans Roielte Prince #LHHMIA

If Prince’s clothing line is as successful as his career as a promoter he’ll be filthy rich.  Unlike club promotion, fashion doesn’t require late hours of partying so he’ll be able to focus on his relationship with Liz.

The Roielte men’s jeans below are $425.  They have been distressed to create a grunge-inspired look.

Roielte Mens Jeans
Roielte Mens Jeans
The following Roielte women’s jeans are $395:

Prince is seen wearing Roielte jeans in the following Instagram post:

Roieltē . @princehasspoken @swarmerapp @bysukii @caveatmiami @windsorjet
A post shared by ˈroiəltē (@roiielte) on Jul 6, 2017 at 4:45pm PDT


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