Natalia Martinez Finsta – What Did She Say?

Natalia Martinez’s Finsta account name was @natitties0 but all the content has been deleted.  A “Finsta” account or “Finstagram” is a fake or second Instagram account.  The Georgia State University soccer player was suspended for posting a racial slur but some students didn’t think that was enough.  They created a petition to have Martinez expelled from the school.

What did Natalia Martinez say?

The screenshot below shows Natalia’s racial slur.  She used the N word: “I passed n***sss!!!” According to the petition, Martinez was referring to black GSU students.  Martinez isn’t the only college student dealing with the backlash over racial comments.  University of Alabama student Harley Barber was recently expelled from the college after posting a video that showed her repeatedly using a racial slur.
Natalia Martinez Finsta What Did She Say?
Natalia Martinez Finsta What Did She Say?

In 2008, Barack Obama’s presidential election broke historic racial barriers.  I had high hopes for a future of improved race relations in America but those hopes are gone.  President Donald Trump doesn’t mind a toxic environment full of racism and we’re following his lead.

White college students aren’t the only group making headlines for racism.  We recently published an article about Love and Hip Hop Miami star, Amara La Negra’s beef with Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina.  Amara and Cardi are both of Afro-Latinas but Amara is dark-skinned and Cardi is light-skinned.

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