Lee Sutton, Rena Kiser – My 600 lb Life New Season – 6

In the first episode of My 600 lb Life season 6 we’ll meet Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser.  The couple met while they were both patients at a bariatric rehab center.  Bariatrics is a branch of medicine used to control obesity.  When the clinic saw that Lee and Rena were getting close, they told them that they weren’t allowed to be together while they were at the facility.

Lee and Rena decided to leave the bariatric rehab center because they were falling in love.  Sadly, once they left the facility, they both continued to gain weight.  The couple admits that their favorite thing to do is eat.  Partners tend to pick up each other’s bad habits including eating unhealthy foods and skipping the gym.

Lee Sutton Rena Kiser My 600 lb Life
Lee Sutton Rena Kiser My 600 lb Life

Lee attended Houston High School in Houston, Missouri.  He has also lived in Vanceburg, Kentucky.  Rena graduated from Malabar Middle School in Mansfield, Ohio in 1990.  She previously lived in Garrison, Kentucky.

Like many of the people we’ve seen on My 600 lb Life, Lee is unable to leave his bed without help.  Rena helps Lee but she’s also overweight so she can’t continue to help him.  Lee and Rena travel from Missouri to Houston for Dr. Nowzaradan’s help.  They are hoping to be approved for gastric bypass surgery so they can live normal lives and enjoy their relationship.

My 600 lb Life returns on Wednesday, January 10, 2017 at 8/7 c.

In the Facebook post below, Lee explains that his Chevrolet Suburban was seen on the Assanti brothers episode of My 600 lb Life.  Hopefully Lee isn’t anything like Steven Assanti.  The brothers recently appeared on My 600 lb Life: Where Are They Now? and Steven is addicted to Vicodin.

Rena recently shared the following post on Facebook.  The article provides more information about their appearance on the show.

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