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Kirk Frost – Mother, Gloria Passes Away (Video)

Pray for Kirk Frost.  In the Instagram post below, the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star reveals that his mother, Gloria has passed away.  Kirk explains that he loves his mother and doesn’t know how his life will be without her.  Losing a parent is extremely difficult.  Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment but they hold their heart for a lifetime.

Kirk shared a video that shows him and his mother watching Fantastic Four with his son, Karter.  He explains that he doesn’t know how he will tell Karter that his grandmother is in Heaven.

Kirk Frost Mother Gloria
Kirk Frost Mother Gloria

Kirk has a daughter in her 20s named Kelsie and his son Ky is a teenager.  While Kelsie and Ky will be sad about the death of their grandma, Karter is only 4 so there are aspects of death that he won’t be able to understand.

Kirk explains that he spoke to his mother 2 days before she died and she was planning to visit him in May.  Sadly, Kirk reveals that his mother passed away four days before his 49th birthday.

In the post below, Rasheeda sends her condolences.  Her and Kirk have been through ups and downs so it’s great to see her supporting him during this difficult time.

What do you think about Kirk’s mother passing away? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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