Keke Palmer “I Win” – New Song (Video)

Keke Palmer’s new song, “I Win” was featured on episode 9 of The Rap Game‘s fourth season.  Scroll down to see the song’s music video.  The rappers competed to determine who would appear, alongside Keke, in the video for “I Win.” The song was produced by Jermaine Dupri and the video was directed by Benny Boom.

Jordan Air Young won the competition and is seen with Keke in the music video below.  RapUnzel earned the second spot on the Hit List and Ricci Bitti was number 3.  Dupri gave Lil Bri the fourth spot and Street Bud was number 5.

Keke Palmer I Win New Song
Keke Palmer I Win New Song

Street Bud broke down after Dupri gave him the fifth spot on the Hit List.  His mom, Cori wiped away his tears and reminded him that he’s very talented.  Lil Bri was also disappointed and thought she deserved better than the fourth spot on the Hit List.

Ricci Bitti struggled in her studio session with Keke but she still managed to earn the third spot on the Hit List.  RapUnzel’s mother, Tiki thought she deserved the number 1 spot on the list but Jordan’s performance was amazing.

Check out “I Win” by Keke Palmer featuring Jordan Air Young:

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