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Juju Before Surgery – Bio, Love And Hip Hop Miami

The pic below shows Juju “before surgery.”  Many believe that the reality star had plastic surgery but I disagree.  The following pic shows a young Juju and I think she looks the same as she does now.

Juju Before Surgery
Juju Before Surgery

Juliet Casteneda aka Juliet C. aka Juju was born on March 21, 1985 in Brooklyn, New York.  She is currently 32-years-old.  Her parents are Cuban and she grew up in Miami.  When she was 16 she moved from Miami to Orlando.  Juju met Cam’ron in 2002 and they fell in love.

The following pic is from Cam’ron’s 2006 film Killa Season:

Juju Before Surgery
Juju Before Surgery

Juliet “Juju” C. was seen in episode 13 of Love and Hip Hop New York‘s tenth season, “St. Maarten – Part 1.” The reality star’s body looked great leading many to believe she had plastic surgery.  In the Instagram post below, Juju explains that she made a lifestyle change in 2017.  She stopped eating meat and processed foods and started exercising.

Juju lost more than 20 pounds and she’s looking great.  Cam’ron made a huge mistake when he decided to break up with Juju.  On Monday, January 29, 2018, Juju also appeared on episode 5 of Love and Hip Hop Miami‘s first season, “Good Hair.” Amara La Negra reaches out to Juju and tells her about Young Hollywood’s racist comments about her afro.

Juju Before Surgery
Juju Before Surgery

Juju is an Afro-Cubana so she understands what Amara is going through.  Juju tells Amara to embrace her identity and wear her hair however she wants.

In the post below, Juju explains that she has done research and was after finding out information about the food industry she knew she had to stop eating meat.

In the post below, Juju discusses her 30-30-3 Plan:

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