Joe Kennedy III – Wife Lauren Birchfield, Kids, Net Worth, 2020

Net Worth: $25 Million

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Joe Kennedy III for President 2020! Will Lauren Anne Birchfield be the next First Lady of the United States? The nation wants her husband, Massachusetts representative, Joseph Patrick Kennedy III to replace Donald Trump as the President of the United States.  Kennedy delivered the Democratic response after Trump’s State of the Union and now the nation wants him to run for president.

Joe Kennedy III Wife, Lauren Birchfield

Joe Kennedy III Wife Lauren Birchfield
Joe Kennedy III Wife Lauren Birchfield

Joseph Kennedy III’s wife, Lauren Birchfield Kennedy was born in 1984 to Rev. Dr. James T. and Marta M. Birchfield.  Lauren attended UCLA and graduated with a degree in political science.  Like Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe and Lauren are both Harvard Law School graduates.  They met at Harvard and he proposed in 2012.

Eleanor “Ellie” Kennedy

A post shared by Rep. Joe Kennedy (MA-4) (@repkennedy) on Oct 31, 2017 at 2:59pm PDT

In July of 2015, Joe announced that him and Lauren were expecting their first child.  Eleanor “Ellie” Kennedy was born on December 29, 2015.  The post above shows her enjoying Halloween.  She dressed up as Elmo or in Joe’s words: “Ellie-mo.”

James Matthew Kennedy

In June of 2017, Joe announced that him and Lauren were expecting their second child.  James Matthew Kennedy was born on December 20, 2017.  In the Instagram post above, Joe explains that the first gift James received was a New England Patriots football from his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy II.

Joe Kennedy III Net Worth As Of 2018: $25 Million

Joe Kennedy III’s $25 net worth was earned through his career as a lawyer, investments and trust funds.  After graduating from Harvard Law School, Joe landed a job as the Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County and Cape and Island’s District Attorneys’ Offices.  He has invested in pharmaceuticals yet him and Lauren are about $1 million in debt from their mortgages and Lauren’s student loans.

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