Jesse Williams Girlfriend 2018 – Ciarra Pardo

Jesse Williams’ new girlfriend, Ciarra Pardo was mentioned in court documents filed by his ex-wife, Aryn Drakelee.  In the documents, Drakelee claims that Jesse has been taking their kids, Maceo and Sadie Williams to Ciarra’s house, violating the couple’s custody orders.  Jesse and Aryn agreed that they wouldn’t introduce their children to a girlfriend or boyfriend until the relationship endured for at least 6 months.

Ciarra Pardo

Ciarra Pardo was born on March 20, 1979 and is currently 38-years-old.  She has been working with Rihanna since 2007.  Pardo is the beautiful mind who created the art for RiRi’s first two albums, earning her a position as the singer’s creative director.  In 2014, Pardo was named the Chief Creative of Rihanna’s Fenty line.

Jesse Williams Girlfriend
Jesse Williams Girlfriend

Minka Kelly

Multiple media outlets reported that Jesse was dating Minka Kelly but it looks like he’s actually dating Ciarra Pardo.  Kelly recently clapped back at someone on Instagram, explaining that the rumors about Jesse cheating on his wife with her were false.  Jesse is a free man now so he’s probably dating multiple women.  That’s exactly why the couple agreed to wait 6 months before introducing the kids to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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