Jennifer Jarosik Writer – Russell Simmons Sued For Rape

Jennifer Jarosik is the 37-year-old woman who sued Russell Simmons for intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual assault and battery.  She claims that the incident occurred in 2016 at home home in Los Angeles.  Jarosik is asking for $5 million.  She’s a writer and approached Simmons to discuss her plans to produce a documentary.

Will Russell Simmons catch up with Bill Cosby? I was at about 60 when I stopped counting the number of women that accused Cosby of sexual assault.  More than 10 women have accused Simmons of sexual misconduct including Lena Horne’s granddaughter, Sidney Lumet.

Jennifer Jarosik Writer Russell Simmons
Jennifer Jarosik Writer Russell Simmons

The #MeToo Silence Breakers were named 2017’s TIME Person of the Year and now they’re making their case for 2018.  In her lawsuit, Jarosik explains that Simmons agreed to work with her on the documentary and in 2016 he invited her to his house in Los Angeles.

Jarosik thought that her and Russell would discuss the film but instead he asked her to have sexual relations with him.  Jennifer refused and alleges that Simmons raped her.

Russell Simmons claims that the allegations are false and he plans to prove so in a court of law.  He explained that he has access to justice in a court of law unlike the court of public opinion.  He’s exactly right.  The music mogul is currently being dragged all over social media.

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