Janice Freeman Reveals Miley Cyrus Paid Her Rent

Janice Freeman says Miley Cyrus help her by paying her deposit and 6 months of her rent.  Freeman was on Team Miley on season 13 of The Voice.  The talented singer was eliminated on week 2 of the live shows.  In the Instagram video below, Freeman thanks Cyrus for her kindness and explains that she put her family in a 2 bedroom apartment.

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“Miley, you are my dawg”

Miley has a friend forever.  Freeman explains that Miley is her dawg and says she will defend her until the very end.  Cyrus reminds us that we rise by lifting others.  She understands that a kind gesture can change someone’s life.  Janice can now focus on her singing career and no longer has to worry about housing.

Janice Freeman Miley Cyrus
Janice Freeman Miley Cyrus

“Nothing ends for us tonight …. it BEGINS!”

After Freeman was eliminated Miley continued to support her.  She revealed her plans to give Janice a record deal and explained that their relationship wouldn’t end on the night she was eliminated from The Voice.

Janice Freeman has been through ups and downs throughout her life and she keeps on pushing.  She beat cancer and currently struggles with symptoms of Lupus. She reminds us that when life gets tough we have to get tougher.  You have to fight through the bad days to earn the best days of your life.

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